What To Expect Of Life

10 Dec

Just what was I thinking when I had enrolled in that computer arts

class? Was I getting in over my head or what?! Well, one good thing

came out of it, I still got my blog, and I still memerize my username

and password. Well, other than that, things have been going downhill

for me lately. I don’t going down, but things have not been working

too well! But, I’m still willing to keep my faith in God. Only he can

work things out. I don’t know what, but I’ve now come to terms to

just stop worrying. Because to worry is to meditate on the negative.

I must admit, I have been  pessimistic about a lot of things. I dread

that. I’d tell myself that I won’t lose faith, but as soon as things get

hard, I’m prone to begin feeling sorry for myself. I have to admit, I

don’t like to feel sorry for myself. I’d keep forgetting, that life is brief,

and that times have grown sensitive, we don’t have time to

lose hope. All these pity-parties we tend to have, life is winding down.

But, why do I keep forgetting these important things? Does it just slip my mind?


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