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10 Jan

Hebrews 11:1 -Faith is the substance of the things we hope for, and the evidence of things unseen. I can’t see faith. All I know is that I can’t help but to have faith. I can’t see the wind, but I can feel it when it blows. I never know where it comes or goes. I never know if it’s here or there.  I don’t know what faith looks like. I don’t even know what it’s made of. Could it be made by a supernatural power? Could faith be like something beautiful? Could faith be like a flower that grows in a garden?

Why is it so important thing we have faith? Why must we be so trusting? To have faith is to have trust. We are required to trust. Why? Because, faith is the only spiritual sourse we have. Without faith, we wouldn’t make in life. Without faith, we couldn’t make it in life. We shouldn’t have any doubts about what God can do. There’s no limits to God’s power. So, therefore, we have no reason to doubt him. It’s not in God’s nature to deceive. God is truth. He is nothing but truth. God is about truth.

To have faith is to have a friend that you can depend on. Faith cannot disappoint. Faith cannot fail. Just as love cannot fail. Faith is like a companion that will not let you down. Faith is hopeful. 













The Object of Money

7 Jan

Ya know what the scripture says about money, the love of it is the root of all sorts of evil. I truly believe that God has opened my eyes to this truth. In the past, I’d read the passage, but it had looked as though I were looking at words on the page . Those words do have a meaning to them. That passage reads that for a reason. It’s not there just to be there. It’s there because God wants us to understand that we just cannot have what we want all the time. Greed is not a good thing!  When you place your faith in money, then it causes all sorts of problems.

When we rely on money, it gets us into trouble. It even effects relationships. We can be a necessity for, and it can also be wicked in lots of other ways. It’s just up to us  to know we should and should not do with money. After all, God did bless us will free will, we have to make up our minds in what we should and shouldn’t do with money.

I feel that it’s all in a matter of knowing the difference between our needs and wants. When confusing our needs with our wants, then it makes us look like poor money managers. When spending more money on the  withthings that you could do without, convincing yourself that you need them, then it makes you look like a poor money manager. It’s easy to know the difference between needs and wants. 

Also, when allowing ours desires to dominate you, then your desires have full dominion over you.  for instance, when you walk into a clothing store, and let’s  say…you have about  $10’000 dollars in your purse, and you come across a rack full of merchandise that just grabs your eye, you walk up to the rack of merchandise, you scan through them, your eyes booming with enthusiasum. Knowing that you have the $1o’000 dollars in your pocket, you’d immediately pick out about six dresses, you try on all six of them, they satisfy you, and then you just buy them impulsively without giving it another thought. At one point, you’re happy, and then afterwards you’d feel guilt because you’d spent more money than you’d needed to spend! You’d allow the $10’000 dollars have dominion over you because you’d seen something that you have liked and had coveted after. You had felt that since you saw what you wanted, you’d better get it right then while you had the chance to get  it, or else someone else would come along and buy it, and then you’d miss your chance on buying what you had wanted when you had the money and the opportunity to buy it, while at the same time…you knew that could have done without it! That, alone can also make you look like a poor money manager.

Just because we see what we want, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need it! It’s okay to have what you want, but if  you can do without it, then it’s not a necsessity. If you already have all you want, then why buy more? It’s much better to be content with what you have.  Then, when it becomes ragged and worn out, then you can buy more, because, when buying more than what’s needed is squandering.  To squander money is to waste money. To waste money is buying items that you know you can do without . And, if someone else comes along and buys it, then that person must not have had it when they needed it before. That person might would need that item more than you would need it, so let they get it! Then, again, that person may not even have anymore need for the item than you, but you don’t know that.

But, don’t let worldly things dominate you, whenever the Lord sees fit for you to have more then he will provide a way for you to have more. Let the Lord  take charge of you circumstances . Don’t try to figure everything out on your own. Don’t rely on your knowledge, education, college degree, job, paycheck, income, income tax refund, ego, worldly rewards, etc.

If we sow nothing, we reap nothing. If we sow a blessing, we reap a blessing. And…if we sow a curse, we reap a curse!  Also, if we sow poverty, we reap poverty!