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6 Apr

Life can be full of surprises sometimes. Just as the famous line says: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.’ That’s really true. You just never know what you’ll come up with in the near future.

Another thing, the LORD  can surprise you, too. It ‘s almost like he’s giving us a box of which he only knows what it is that’s inside of the box. And, it’d be up to us find out what’s in that box. Like, that’s for GOD to know and for us to find out what’s in the box. It’d be a box of the gift that he’d given us. 

Blessings are like spiritual money(Hebrews 11:1) we just have trust GOD, and believe that he’ll meet our needs. Because, if we don’t trust him, then we’re sinning against him.

Just this past November, I’d not paid my tithes. the reason why I’d not paid my tithes was because I’d fear that I wouldn’t have enough of  to live off of. So, GOD had arranged to where I’d lost my cellular phone. I wasn’t able to get my needs met. He’s even made to where I had gone over my limit of purchsasing my groceries,  he’s d fixed it to where I was able to a new service on my other cellular phone. It was almost like I was spiritually getting picked on. The LORD had put a curese on me. He’d made it to where my circumstances would work against me. My needs were not getting met.

And, so now, I’ve come to terms that I just trust GOD, period. I don’t worry about any thing anymore.  I’ve gotten sick and tired of worrying about things.  I was being carnal in my thinking. So, going through that chaos had really taught me a very strong lesson. It’d taught me to trust GOD, regardless. It’d taught me to have faith. I’d not had much faith in GOD for a while. So, therefore, the LORD had to play hard ball with me. So, therefore, he’d arranged it to where in lose my cell phone. I was robbing GOD of his portion, so he’d allowed me to lose my cell because I didn’t have faith in him. I’ve learnded to doubt GOD is a sin! Just like when Moses didn’t trust GOD ,so he wasn’t able to going into the Promised Land, because he’d not trusted GOD.  The same it is with us! When we don’t put our faith in the LORD, and give him his 10%, then, we’re stealing from him. The LORD will claim his tithe by allowing bad things to happen to us, just as he had back in this past November and December.

I take it that it’d taken that to get me to trust him. He’d let me go without, in order to get me to trust him. And, to not put my faith in material things, and being carnal-minded. I now place  my faith in what is unseen, rather then what is seen.  The scriptures says: don’t put faith in what is seen, to put faith in what is not seen.  But, to accumulate things in heaven.  In other words, we’re to accumulate spiritual things, not worldly things. Because it can get ruined, stolen, moth-eaten, but the spiritual things, cannot get ruined, stolen, or moth-eatened. We’re to get rich, spiritually.

Most people want to put their faith in worldly things, like nice houses, fancy cars, and designer clothes. Worldly things have price tags on them. But, spiritual things don’t.

Just the other day, I was over on Beltline waiting for the DART bus to come. And, this lady had offered to give me a ride up to where I was headed. And, she had said something that I will never forget. She’d said that her reward was with the LORD. She didn’t expect me to give her money, or even a praise. She’d just trusted GOD. She didn’t act as if she were obligated to give me a ride. She had given me a ride willingly.  She didn’t act as though it were her duty, she didn’t expect to get something out of it. She wasn’t seeking to get a pat on the back. She was only doing what the LORD laid on her heart to do. She wasn’t  trying to seek approval.

Seeking approval is one of the most miserable tasks ever. Don’t try to seek anybody’s approval, and worry about stereotypes.

When GOD had first created Adam and Eve, did he stereotype them?

God’s not into stereotypes, why should we?!