Hello! I’m Kry…

20 May

Hello! I’m Krystalon Smith. I’d just wanted to say…that I pretty much dig the merchandise! Just the other day, I’ve ran into someone whom had purchased some of your stuff! I was rather impressed with what I saw! Also, I was on the website a few days ago, and I’d came across a unique pairs of higheel shoses! I’ve coveted those shoses so badly, they were so cool! My girlfriend, Sandy Allen happens to be into jewelry design. We go to Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics, etc.  She’s knowledgable about several things. And, about myself, I design my own clothing! I also like to give my dresses names, which I think is so cute!  Your dresses have personality and character, and I like clothes with character! I like clothes that speak.


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