The Love of Money Is The Root of All Evil

16 Jul

 004  It is truly dangerous…to love money! What’s even worse is that you allow it to master you! Money should never be considered a master! There is only one master…and that’s the Lord God Almighty! Also, most of us try to serve God and money at the same time, and that’s simply impossible. We all know that we just cannot do that! You can only serve one or the other! We must love one, and hate the other….be loyal to one and despise the other! 

Why do we all crave money so much? Good question! Why ‘do’ we crave money so much? Simple, we want what money can buy…rather than what money cannot buy. Money is something we have to earn…but, love is something that we cannot earn. Why do we strive for something that have to earn…more than what we cannot earn? Are we really that ungrateful?

Can money buy us love? We don’t have to earn it! Love is not something to be earned! Love is a gift!  Love is free. You don’t have to pay for it! God gives us his love everyday! We don’t have to try to earn his love.

However, money is not something we should love. We need money for our livelihood, but, not to indulge ourselves. Yet, money has been misused in a lot of ways! And, love has been misunderstood, as well!

Let me tell a story: For a long time…I’ve not been very good at handling money. I would spend it as though I had a lot of it. I had coveted after material things. I wanted what other people had. I had felt insecure about myself…so, therefore it had led me to financial insecurity. I had not been sufficient within myself, my self-esteem was low, I had poor math skills, I had squandered my money due to the fact that I was insecure within.  That was why I had applied for those payday loans. I had spent all the money from my federal check, I was broke for the rest of the month. I wanted money to spend.  So, I had applied for a loan with Check’n Go online. It was in April of 2012 when I’d applied for the loan.

Then, I’d gotten a scary phone call…which had turned out to have been a scare tactic which had scared me the deepest. The scare tactic had led me to believe that I would be arrested if I didn’t pay the loan. There was a lady posing as a police officer on the phone, the woman’s name was Michelle Johnson. 

The phone call made me squirm a little. I’d actually thought I would end up going to jail, for sure. But, it had turned out to be a prank call….a scare tactic. So, the phone call was a fake. But, it did teach me a lesson…a really powerful lesson.

It had taken something like that to get me to do better with  my money. That scare tactic whooped me, spiritually! Now that I look back on it, it was what I needed to get to learn some financial humility!

So…now, I collect aluminum cans for extra money, and I now save my money each time I make it! I used to spend it as I get it…now, In save it and load it onto my prepaid debit card. And, I’m proud of myself each time I make the money. My old habits have been broken. I now no longer have the desire to apply for those loans! I now go  to PLS Cashers to reload my prepaid debit card with money. I have another prepaid card. I’d have to use Western Union to pay a service fee to reload it. But, PLS”s own prepaid cards….I can  reload however much money I wish to reload with a service fee. Western Union’s service fee is $4.50.

So, I don’t reload the other prepaid card anymore…I reload the free one!






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