What To Expect

6 Aug





I never know what to expect out of life these days. I never know what tomorrow will bring. Sometimes, I find myself wondering when I’ll die. I  realize that tomorrow is not promised to us. I think of death pretty often. I guess I ought to think of death…because, we just never know when the Lord may call us home.

It’s not that I’m in any hurry to die! I just wonder. Although, I’m really not ready to die just yet. But, we just very well may die…weather we’re ready or not!  My day of death is not known. I guess I’m not meant to know the day of my death. Only God knows that, and only He is to know the day of our last breathe.

I’m very well content with how my life is! God has been gracious and merciful to me to let  me wake up to see another day come to pass. I could die any time, day hour, year….we just don’t know what to expect out of life.

But, I have a life to live…and, I’m sure that God has a lot in store for me. So, I won’t worry about death right now. God will call me home when he’s ready for me.


Church… just seems to get better each time I attend, yet my thoughts wander about while the sermon’s being delivered. I’d have lots of things on my mind from time to time. A lot of them don’t even have anything to do with church.

Sometimes, I tend to feel sad…and, depressed. But, I try to remember…that there is a God above, and that nothing is too hard or too small for him.

God can solve any type of problem, no matter what it is! So, therefore, there really isn’t any reason for me to be sad. I don’t know why I keep having these thought come into my head. They keep coming into my head like…non-stop! They just seem to stay in my head, and they never go away!

But, that’s Satan’s way of getting me off course. The devil uses the schizophrenia to throw me off kilter, and…he just trips me up, sometimes.

Another thing, I mostly get a lot of encouragement from others. I don’t get enough encouragement from my family. They disapprove of me collecting aluminum cans. They feel that it doesn’t pay enough. They feel that it’s not worth the effort.

But, ‘me’ personally…I think that it is worth, I’ve chosen to look at it from a different perspective. Yeah, it pays very little, but…that little bit of change can become a lot! I’ve just started to save a little bit as I earn it. I used to didn’t do that! I used to spend it as soon a I got it! But, I’ve come to change my habits. As I make that little change, I put it back, and I save it. That used to seem very difficult for me. I used to not be disciplined enough.

I was self-indulgent. I had absolutely no will-power, whatsoever! I had no self-control, at all, and it was hurting me, I realize that, now. I’d not understood what I was doing to myself, at the time. But, the Lord had brought it to my attention. And, now I see what I had done wrong.

When not putting your faith in the Lord, you mess up, I was like the man whom had built his house on the sand, I’d not built my foundation on the rock. I’d placed my faith I money, instead of the Lord, and the scripture had clearly said that we’re not to serve God and money! God doesn’t like it when we place something else ahead of him. That is idolatry.

When we do the wrong thing, we may as well expect consequences! When playing with fire….we may as well expect to get burned! That’s  how life is, when we do the wrong thing, the outcome will not be pretty! Mot of us don’t stop, and think about that. We should, but we don’t. Common sense lacks from time to time. 

But, hey…like Romans 3:23 says, ‘we all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God’, we all are sinners, we are not perfect! We all were born with a sinful nature. We can’t help it if we’re sinners…we were put on this earth with sin within us! Not one of us is any better than the next person. We’re all sinners! There’s not one person on this planet who is not a sinner! Again, the scripture says, we all have sinned, and fall short, none of us are perfect!

We cannot say that we are much better off than the next person, because we are not! We all deserve hell fire! That’s why Jesus Christ was born into this world….to save us all form our sins! And, for those who except Jesus into their heart, they will be saved. But, if those reject Jesus, will suffer eternally!

When Jesus came in my life, It was just a simple encounter. I was in my mother’s car, she and I were coming from church. We were attend church at First Baptist Church of Sachse  at the time.  We were headed southward on Highway 78. I had my Bible open, and I could then feel Jesus’ presence within me. I had just then met Jesus Christ, for the very first time! It was magical! It was miraculous!

It was a great feeling! I enjoyed it, a lot! I loved it. It was what I had so desperately needed! For years…I’ve disregarded him, and then I’d just met him. He was a very kind man. I was a gentleman, he ‘d not forced himself on me! I’d asked him to come in to my life, and he had came into it.  Just like that!  I could feel him there. I was then able to memorize the scriptures. I don’t memorize the whole Bible, but, I know few passages. Then, I was able to gain understanding of the parables. I was then able to comprehend the Gospel. I don’t read my Bible regularly, but I don’t think that makes me any less of a believer.

You can know the Bible from front to back, and yet not have Jesus in your heart. I didn’t learn the scripture by head-knowledge, but by heart-knowledge. I didn’t attend Vacation Bible school to learn the scripture. It had just came to me, into my heart.

The Lord had revealed the knowledge to me. The Lord had placed it in my heart. Not in my head. I’ve tried to learn it  with my mind, but…, my brain wasn’t comprehending it. So, since my mind wasn’t receiving it, he’d placed it in my heart, and my heart was receptive. My mind was closed, but my heart was opened. 

My mind doesn’t seem to receive information, but my heart does! Like, my brain doesn’t seem to be receptive of numbers. My brain just doesn’t seem to want to take numbers. It just seems to except simple information. And, if it doesn’t identify the info, it doesn’t let it in.

A person can have an open mind, yet a closed heart. A person’s mind can be in one place, yet the heart somewhere else.

I pretty much consider myself, a tender-hearted person. I’ve never been light-hearted when it came to jokes. To me….jokes seems more like snide remarks, or sarcasm. I just never know when someone’s telling a joke. I’m just not able to tell if that person is trying to be funny, or not.

Well…anyway, jokes are rare with me. Some jokes sound funny, and some jokes don’t. It just depends on the motive behind the joke. Most people claim to tell jokes, and then they act as though they are telling jokes.

Moving on…, life is funny, sometimes. Life can almost seem like a joke, as well. When I was a child, I was at my old church, Keiser Street Baptist Church…getting ready to say my Easter speech. I can recall, I was so nervous, it was so unnerving  for me…so, therefore, I’d vomited in the choir stand right in front of the other children. I was so…so…so nervous, it just was abnormal  for a child to be under that much stress! I mean, something had to give! Either I was to vomit…or suffer an ulcer, one or the other!

I was much too young to have been that nervous. It’d be understandable for an adult, but an 8-year-old? That just was not good! So, after I’d vomited, I was off the hook. My mother had  taken me home, and had put me to bed during the service. I didn’t feel bad…because, after all, I couldn’t help how I had felt. I was just a little girl. So, I had nothing to feel guilty about.

Then, as I’d started getting older, my life began changing. Things were changing. And, people were beginning to treat me differently. Again, life…is funny. Ya  just never know what to expect!

You just never know what the Lord may have in store for us. He’s full of surprises! It’s almost like opening a gift, and you just can’t wait to see what that gift is! There’s no telling what you might receive…you’d just have to open the gift, and find out what it is! So, what does God have in store for us? Well…that’s for him to know, and for us to find out!






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