Doing Without

14 Aug





Just this past Sunday…I’d been out, gathering aluminum cans, and I was just thinking…about the money that I had been earning. I’ve accumulated a great deal of pennies, and I had saved about $80 worth of pennies! I was really proud of myself!

 But then, all of a sudden, my smartphone had turned up missing! So, therefore…I have no way to contact y mother in order to let her know that I’m alright, so now she’s thinks I’m missing!

I had logged on to the MetroPCS  website, and had ordered another smartphone online, and hopefully, the phone had been shipped within the past few days back! I’d ordered the phone on the very day that I’d lost the other one. I’d used some of the money that I was supposed to have saved for my event to my family reunion that’s coming up within two days.   Now, this was the money that I’ve promised my mother had I wouldn’t spend until the event.

I’ve managed to have taken my PLS prepaid debit card, and had loaded $100 onto it. Then, I had used that card, and had ordered the new smartphone from the Metro PCS website.

It’d not been very long ago since I’ve bought he previous phone. I’d just then changed cell  phone providers at that time. I was with Cricket for a brief time. Then, I’ve decided to switch over to Metro PCS.

At first, new provider was called Aio Wireless, was a prepaid service. I’d gotten a used phone from them for only $14 dollars. Then, suddenly…I had dropped it, and  the screen had broke, and it’d caused the monitor to not show the screen very well. So, I was then obliged to switch companies, and buy a brand new one.

And, now…I’ll be damned if it’s now gone! It must not have been secure very well. So, therefore…,that means that I will need to do something different. I’m going to have to switch to a different handbag, and find a bag that will secure my phone.


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