God And Mammon

28 Aug






Most of us tend to have our priorities out of line. But, that’s common. We all…have our priorities out of line. Most of us tend to forget what’s important, sometimes. We tend to put to put other things ahead of what’s really important.


Most of us tend to think that we can put other things ahead of God! Most of us worry about money. Money is one of the things that tend to effect relationships, marriages, and friendships! And, most of us tend to treat money as though it’s our God! That’s dangerous! We are not loyal to one, and we do not ate the other! We tend to think that we can serve God and money at the same time!


One of the Ten Commandments says that we are not to have any other god before the Lord. Yet, we  tend to place our faith in other things, like money, fame, cars, clothes, our jobs, and all other things. It had taken me a  long to get to where I am right now. I’d thought that I was trusting God…but, I really wasn’t. I was bombarded by coveting things.

I was totally out of control,…so, I’d had applied for those payday loans! But, now…I’ve learned to master my money. Money doesn’t master me , anymore. I don’t let it. And, I don’t shop nearly as much as I’ve done before!

I’ve just purchased another prepaid debit card from PLS Cashers, and when I earn money from collecting aluminum cans, I load the money onto the card for free! The money’s not much, but it adds up when I load the money.

In admit, at first…when I’d started collecting  aluminum cans, I’d thought that it wasn’t worth the effort…that I was only making a little bit…my family discourages me to do it, but, I do anyway. They don’t approve of me collecting  cans due to the fact that it only pays very a small amount of money…but, then the Lord had given me a different point of view about. That small amount can become a large amount.

Yeah…it pays a small amount, but it adds up, quickly!   

Even though…we are not supposed to serve God along with money, God wants us to serve him, and only “HIM”.

God…is our one and only God, we are simply not to be loyal to another! He will not share us with anything else! We are his…ALONE! He is our creator! he created us!

So, why…worship another god? Why?!

Has any other god placed us on this earth, and had given us life? Has any other god blessed us to wake up to see each day? Why the idols?!  Why place something else in front of God? After all he’s done for all of us? Why be loyal to another god…when our one and only “true God” had sacrificed his one only begotten Son, and had sent him into this world…in order to rescue us from a Devil’s hell?

Why turn our back on him…like that? Why slap him in the face…,when all he’s been trying to do is unite us with him in his Kingdom? Most of us has spat in God’s face, literally! And, the majority of us, don’t even believe that God exists!

It’s sad…that we all tend to discard God, when all he’s tried to do was unite  us with him. We’re all worldly, and carnal-minded, and full our own ambition. We want to follow our own way, and go our own way…and rely on other things, rather than God.

We tend to forget that God is the one who has blessed us to have the things that we have. It never dawns on us that he can just as well take it away from us. The moment we place our trust in worldly things…he then takes it away from us! If we place our faith in money…if we make money our god, then he then takes it away from us. The minute we treat something as though it’s our god, then the Lord takes disciplinary action!  When the Israelites had started trusting false gods, the Lord had taken disciplinary action toward them, and had allowed them to end up in a bad situation.

I had trusted money…so, the Lord had allowed me to end up in a bad situation…and that was when the scare tactics from the payday loans came along!

  God does not like it when we place our trust in something other than him! He does not like it when we rely on something more than him. Money…happens to be one of the worst things to place faith in, of all things! Money…is not a very good god! To trust it…is bad! To allow money to master us…is just simply….bad!

A double-minded man is unstable in every manner! To try and be loyal to one, and not despise the other…there’s just absolutely no way that you can do that! You just have to take your pick, and decide which one you want to be loyal to. God will not share us with another god! He just won’t!

God wants us to place our trust in him! He wants us to trust him…because, he is unlimited! God is unlimited! There are no limits to what he can do! He is everything! He is unstoppable! There’s nothing that God can’t do!  There’s nothing…that God can’t fix! There’s nothing that’s too hard for him! There’s nothing that’s too small for him! There’s nothing that’s too large for him! There’s nothing…that gets in him way!

God is all powerful…nothing can limit him, nothing! God didn’t  set the ten commandments to be  piest. He wanted us to follow the commandments so that we could have something to go by.

God was envious when the Egyptians had worshipped the sun. The Egyptians considered the sun to be their god.  And, that made the Lord jealous!




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