31 Aug






I’ve been with Modcloth for quite sometimes, now. One day, I was with a friend, when I’d met someone whom had purchased a pair of shoes from that website. The shoes were just so interesting…I just had to ask! The shoes were unlike any other pair of shoes that I’ve ever seen! I forget what they looked like.

Modcloth is owned by a woman named Susan. I’d been emailed that this woman has a large closet that she has gathered a lot of clothes over the years…clothes that she has had kept from the 70’s and 60’s. On the website, the apparel has titles to them, which I find to be so cute!

Just a few days go, I’ve designed a fabric print and have had it uploaded on The print was titled ‘Skull Face’. It had been a painting that I’d done a few months earlier. The skull head had been traced from a Halloween decoration that I’d  purchased from a Dollar store. Also, I’ve designed a necklace from rubber spiders which also happen to be Halloween decorations. Now, this accessory would be considered one of ‘Glamour’s Fashion’s Do’s and Don’ts! A celebrity professional stylist would consider it a don’t!  A celebrity stylist probably would not agree with necklaces being designed from Halloween decorations. That would be totally something that I would not be able to comprehend.

Okay…about the fabric design, Skull Face is the first skull head design that I’ve ever done. It was quite an interesting project. I liked doing it.  Then, yesterday…I had gone over to Joann Fabrics, and was admiring a black mesh that had skull heads. I had thought long and hard about purchasing it, but I wasn’t sure if I’d wanted to or not. So, instead, I’d ended up getting a silk floral print. I’d gotten about approximately 2.25 worth. I was planning to design a blouse out of it, but I’m more likely to create a dress.

Making my own clothes always been something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted something different that someone else.






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