Today was a great day. I’ve learned so much about money management! I was out collecting aluminum cans! Yesterday, I’ve gathered about six bags worth of aluminum cans, and had earned about $7.15! I was rather proud of myself! It was a really big thing for me! What’s really, really big for me was that I’ve been saving the money that I’ve been earning from collecting aluminum cans. That had been something I’ve pretty much never done before! I was always concerned about material things, worrldly stuff, and all. But, this collecting aluminum cans has really taught me some financial humility! Pride had kept me buying bundles and bundles of fabric. And, going out into that scortching heat, looking for cans has really humbled me, BIG TIME! I honestly believe that God had taught me a principle through collecting cans! Going out, collecting cans is a job that nobody would want to be caught dead doing. It’s a godly job, and it’s very low-key. Working in a boutique  would be  considered a high-key job, and  you’d be temped to want to buy the merchandise in that store. Working at Stein Mart was a high-key job, and when I’d seen something that I liked, I was temped to buy something.   Prideful jobs will make you want to buy something. A humble job will break you down, and cause you to want to master your money, and know what you can  and can’t do without!


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