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6 Sep



Sometimes, I’d find myself wondering what the next day will bring. God just will not cause himself to appear in font of us, and tell us what the next day will bring. He’ll just let us find out for ourselves. And, that’s okay! I don’t mind being surprised, for once.

Who knows…I might even come across a large sum of money tomorrow! We just never know what will happen! God just doesn’t descend down from heaven, to whisper in our ears and tell us what will happen. We’re to see, and find out what will happen.

I might find a new friend, a job offer, a new pair of shoes, a car, something tragic might happen, there might be an auto accident tomorrow, a loved one may die, a couple may break up, a marriage my end in divorce, a couple may become engaged, a teenager may get arrested and sent to juvenile hall, someone whose been in prison may get paroled,   a robbery may happen, someone may win sweepstakes from a Customer Satisfaction Survey, we just never ever know what will take place. And, again…God doesn’t tell us these things. The event just happen without our consent.

Events take place without our permission! Whatever happens each day…it happens, and we don’t get a say in what happens each day! Why? Because, God…is in control of what happens each day. This planet is far…far bigger than we are. But, God…looks down upon the earth, compared to God, we are like miniature figurines to him. God is bigger than the earth, and, he controls what happens o the earth. We may not always like what happens each day, but…we have no control over that.

We just have to learn to accept what can and can’t be changed, know the difference. I’m talking serenity, here!


Speaking of which, serenity has been really difficult for me. It had taken me years to give into the fact that I cannot fix what can’t be changed.